Parks in Derby

One of the biggest attractions of Derby is the surrounding countryside in Derbyshire and the Peak District, however, even in and around the city centre there are a vast number of green and open spaces available for the public to enjoy. Parks in Derby and Public Gardens in Derby total around 350 and here we have listed the most popular of these. Derby has the most beautiful parks in the area; spread over 684 hectares of land. The Arboretum Park is the first and oldest public park in Derby. The Arboretum was a gift to the people of Derby by a friendly local mill owner, Joseph Strutt in 1840. One of the most popular parks is the Markeaton Park. It attracts around a million people and visitors each year. With your visit of the Markeaton Park you can also visit the Mundy Play Centre. It’s not just for children, but your children will love going there. Darley Park Darley Park is another wonderful park to visit. It has a butterfly garden there. Darley Park also has the National Collection of Viburnum and Hydrangea. If you’re in the city center, why not walk to the Darley Park it will only take a few minutes. What great exercise! Carsington Wate Carsington Water is another outstanding park to visit. It has a beautiful lake. They also have an amazing outdoor center with a wide range of activities. You are also able to hire a cycle and there is a playground for the children they will just love this park. The Peak District National Park The Peak District National Park is visited by people from all over the world. The Peak National Park was established in 1951. The National Park Peak District is home to thirty-eight thousand people. The Peak District National Park is dog friendly, just keep your dog under control and clean up after your them. This National Park has deep caves and amazing views. Many volunteers work here and work to keep it preserved. The Peak District National Park is the second most visited park in Derby. Alvaston Park Alvaston Park is another great park in Derby. In 1910, William Curzon gave thirty acres to the local people. The park was opened to the public in 1913. In 1923, they added a five acre lake. You can find many exotic tree’s in the Alvaston Park. There is also plenty of wildlife and many special features. It has two basketball courts, full-size football pitches and tennis courts. You can bring your bike as it has cycle extensive cycle routes. Chaddesden Park The Chaddesden Park is a popular park east of the city of Derby consisting of an incredible fifty-eight acres. It has a peaceful stream that runs through the park. They offer your children a play area and an outdoor children’s paddling pool. The Chaddesden Park also has sports facilities such as, two bowling greens, a cricket pitch, four football pitches and crown green bowling. They have changing rooms for and can provide refreshments. Derby Gardens Derby also has beautiful gardens you should visit which are very popular in the area and beyond. They are absolutely stunning. One of the gardens is called the Riverside Gardens. It is located in city center and behind the Council buildings. These gardens were opened in 1934. It provides a calming and peaceful place to visit and it attracts a lot of wildlife. There is also a beautiful Exeter Bridge featuring “Bas relief” sculptures of four famous Derbean’s. The gardens have many flowerbeds and plenty of space to walk around, with seating areas available to sit and just look around whilst you enjoy the scenery. Derby Water Parks and Fun Attractions If you want to take the kids to the water park there are several you can choose from to have a great day out. Hathersage Open Air Heated Pool is warm water and you can swim throughout the season from March to September. Queens Park Sports Centre has a 33m pool with diving areas and a waterslide that is 185ft long. The kids will love this water park. Why not come along to the fun Gulliver’s Kingdom, a fantasy-based theme park, phone them on 01925241308 and then there is the Pride Park Stadium, the famous football stadium that has lots of outdoor events. Lastly there is also the Donnington Park Circuit which is one of the most prestigious race tracks in the UK. Events at Derby Parks Derby Parks have many events to go along with their outstanding parks. Here are some of the types of events taking place in Derby’s parks: Bonfire Night – Derby LIVE’s Bonfire & Fireworks. The funfair opens at 2pm. Fireworks start at 6pm. The stage entertainment starts from 4:45pm. The bonfire will be lit at 5:45. This takes place at the Markeaton Park.

Travel Photography: National Parks In The Usa

Photographers, amateur and professional alike, can turn a summer road trip into an exciting and challenging photo opportunity. Scenic national parks throughout the continental United States provide wildlife and landscape vistas not found anywhere else. In addition, if you’re really looking carefully, the wonders of nature can be found on most roads and highways. Opportunity abounds for great pictures in Glacier National Park, for example. This area was formed by glaciers and remains in its primitive condition for the most part. Only one road crosses the Park. Bears, wolves, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, deer, elk and moose are the larger carnivores who call this Park home. Various habitats provide conditions for a variety of plant and animal life, thus creating a unique environment not equaled anywhere else in the country. Late June and July offers opportunity for a spectacular wild flower display that will thrill photographers. Some short roads (more like trails) lead to trail heads that one can traverse to find the fields of flowers throughout the park. Some perimeter roads also provide this opportunity. Autumn brings the blazing colors that mark the beauty of nature’s changing seasons. And photographers love blazing color. Early morning shots of wildlife grazing are available for early risers. Traveling Going-To-The-Sun Road (the one that crosses the park) and taking some of the offshoot roads leads you to grazing areas. There is also opportunity for pictures that combine wildlife and wildflowers, an especially staggering display of nature’s beauty. Other photo ops in national parkland include Bryce Canyon, also formed by glaciers and the Grand Staircase in Escalante, New Mexico. Arizona and Utah offer Monument Valley and its grand rock formations that were formed by wind and water erosion. Yellowstone National Park will be a national favorite for many years to come. Our national parks are among the most spectacular in the world.

Top 5 Holiday Air Travel Parking Tips

We all know that the holiday season – that period between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day each year – is the busiest and most stressful for airline travelers around the globe. Everyone wants to get home to see their family, often traveling with young children, and patience runs thin while stress and frustration top the charts. Of course, there are lots of tips for making holiday travel easier, cheaper, and more relaxed but have you thought about how airport parking options can help?

Wonder no more! Here are the top five holiday air travel parking tips.

1. Use an Offsite Parking Lot

Cheaper, less crowded, and more apt to get to you the departure gate on time, offsite parking lots eliminate a lot of stress when you arrive at the airport. Airport lots are closer, but often you end up walking halfway across the asphalt before you ever spy a shuttle to take you to the terminal. And the odds of finding a spot close to the terminal entrance? Slim to none. Quit spending precious minutes looking for the perfect spot, then waiting for a shuttle while keeping an eye on your kids and a hand on your luggage. Offsite parking is one of the best kept secrets of savvy travelers.

2. Reserve Your Space

Another benefit of using offsite parking is that you can make a reservation ahead of time. This ensures that the lot can accommodate your vehicle and also gives the proprietor a better idea of how many shuttles they need to run, and when. Reserving your space also saves time since the vendor will already have all your pertinent information on file when you check in. Get in and get out quickly!

3. Condense Your Luggage

The fewer pieces of luggage you have, the less you’ll have to pay – and worry about. With tight airline restrictions, weight limits, and extra baggage checks, the fewer pieces you carry, the better. Check the airline’s rules and regulations before packing so you’re not surprised by extra fees at check-in. It may be cheaper, and less stressful, to ship holiday gifts rather than put them in your suitcase.

4. Plan For Extra Time

Even if you use an offsite parking service, the holiday travel season is incredibly busy. Add an extra half hour to the time you need to arrive at the airport in order to accommodate any possible parking/transportation delays.

5. Make Safety Your Number One Priority

During the holidays there are more thefts than ever from airport parking lots. Another advantage of offsite parking is the added security. The facilities are well-lit, completely fenced, and provide 24/7 surveillance for your safety. Nothing can ruin a holiday trip quicker than theft or damage to your vehicle so ensure you are parking in a safe and secure location.

Airports are extremely busy during the holidays but if you make the right decision regarding your parking options, you are bound to enjoy a more stress-free trip.

Avoiding Parking Madness When Traveling

Ask anyone who does a great deal of air traveling, and many of them will say the same thing. They do not mind the security as much as some might. They do not mind the hassle of boarding the plane and catching the connections. They will tell you instead that the biggest headache comes from dealing with parking madness. Parking at an airport can seem like you are trying to navigate a very difficult maze, and if you are not careful, navigating that maze can leave you very pressed for time.

If you are planning on traveling anytime soon, you can learn some easy tips that will help you avoid parking madness so that you can have a headache free flight and not worry about transportation to and from the airport.

Understand Airport Parking

The first step in the process will be to understand how airport parking works. The parking lots closest to the terminal will be the priciest lots simply because they require the least distance to walk. These lots are generally available in two types: long term and daily. If you will be leaving your vehicle for several days, then the long-term garage or lot can save you money. If you choose one of these garages, you may want to check and see if your airport offers pay in advance or reserve parking. These options will allow you to guarantee a spot for when you arrive.

Farther away from the terminal, parking will be less pricey, but you may have to catch a shuttle or walk a very long distance. Often, these lots are available by the week for extended time travelers as well.

Consider Off-Site Parking

Many larger airports will be surrounded by off-site parking offered by third party companies. These parking lots are often much lower in price and not as busy. The sites will often provide shuttles to and from the airport terminal since they may be a mile or more away. If you do not mind making use of a shuttle, off-site parking can often save both time and headaches.

Avoid Parking Altogether

If you just do not want to deal with finding a parking space at all, but you need your vehicle on-site for when you return, consider valet parking. This way, all you will have to do is leave your car in the hands of a valet right at the entrance to the terminal. This will remove any travel time for you from the garage to the terminal, and you will still be able to rest assured knowing that your vehicle is parked safely in the airport garages. Valet parking is available at most airports, but you will need to confirm that with your airport in advance of your arrival.

For any traveler, parking at the airport can be frustrating if you do not have a plan ready. If you take any of these tips, you can avoid the parking madness and make sure you vehicle is safely waiting for you when you arrive back from your trip.

Disney Park Savers Discount Packages

It is the very dream of every child to pay a visit to Disneyland, to see his/her favorite fairy-tale character dancing around him/her. But when the talk comes over to the bookings and the reservations, the parents back off because yes, a tour to Disneyland can be quite an expensive proposition. But fear not! Because there some wonderful discount packages for you,

There are Disney Ticket Discounts as well as Disney Resort Discounts. The customer simply has to log into the website ParkSavers where he can find rooms for less price. And if you’re looking for the cheap tickets, you can log ontO ParkSavers Company website

Discount for Resorts:

There are different seasons, introduced by Disneyland, and during those particular seasons, the room reservations are quite high. They mainly include the following seasons:

-Fall Season

-Holiday Season

-Peak Season

-Summer Season

-Value Season

If you want special discounts, then you have to wait to make the reservations in the off-season. Because as it happens sometimes, a particular offer is declined sometimes just because a particular season is going on. Therefore, you must apply for discount resorts after a particular season ends.

Disneyland Discounts:

Following are the main, special discounts for the resorts:

For Florida Residents: The Floridians can get a discount from Disneyland, but only in off-season.

For AAA and CAA Membership Holders: Although this offer has now been declined, but maybe if you’re lucky enough, they’ll give you the discount you need.

For Military: The members of military can enjoy special discounts, including 30% off Value Resorts, 35% off Moderates and Fort Wilderness Cabins and also 40% off Deluxe Resorts. They also enjoy the facilities of Shades Of Green (SOG). The active duty officers, retired army-men and even discharged Vets are blessed with discounts.

For College Students: If you are a college student in some nearby college of Disneyland (Southern California), then check-in with your Student Union and you will get a discount on the tickets. You can save $1 on one-day tickets and $2 on six-days tickets.

Teacher Discount: If you are a teacher in United States or Canada, then check into Disneyland with your Teachers’ Union and hopefully get a little discount on tickets. But this offer remains valid only for US and Canadian teachers.

The Annual Pass-holders: They get special discount and entry to the Water Park and admission to few other theme parks for as long as the card is valid.

Also there are discount offers for UK/Ireland Residents, Canadian Residents, Visa Cardholders.

Furthermore if you want to know about the Cheap Disney Tickets, visit the website above mentioned, and then select a suitable package for yourself. There are Park Hopper and Water Park tickets. Choose from the menu and have fun! Although this fact should be kept in mind that the discount offered by Disneyland is not much, but a little discount of even 5% to 10% can prove to be a great deal of saving money when you are travelling with your whole family.

Travel to the Xixi National Wetland Park Hangzhou

The Xixi National Wetland park position is located in the western of Hangzhou, five miles away from the West Lake, and is a valuable example of a wetland in an town. It was not populated during the Han and Jin dynasties, but started expansive during the Tang and Song dynasties, and then successful through the Ming and Qing dynasties. It became relaxing again in war times. Now, the Xixi wetland which is among the best of China tours, has obtained its reputation, its value being identified by the China govt and the worldwide group as a whole in light of the current background of ecological protection and ecological attention.

Xixi is one of the three ‘Xi’s’, along with the West Lake and the Xiling Closure Engravers’ Community. It is loaded with social lifestyle and is China’s only national level wetland mixing town lifestyle, plowing, and lifestyle. It is absolutely the ideal choice to go to this park on a clear day. Xixi wetland is a relaxing park, refreshingly distant from the populated Hubin, Yongjinmen, Xintiandi and Huxinting.

Xixi was once a natural town with most population surnamed Jiang, thus its different name, ‘Jiang Village’. Read Hangzhou Travel Guide for more details. It covers 60 rectangle miles. The first and second stages of the wetland park – protecting 8 rectangle miles – have already been fully developed, and were started out to the public in 2005. The third level is still ongoing. When it is finished, the wetland park will period 10 rectangle miles.

Water is the spirit of the Xixi Wetland, with 70% of its position protected by water. Six streams incorporate through the park with numerous fish private pools spread between them, developing a unique field. Looking from the sky, the wetland is like a poker board, where green vegetation complete the plants and the water surface position stands out.

Xixi is also a great vacation for avoiding the town crowd. Throughout record, many performers and romantics dwelt in Xixi, making behind a prosperity of wonderful poetry and writing. Within the century-old camphor shrub at Shentankou is an old level, said to be the first appearance position for the performers of North School of the Shaoxing Safari.

It is quite a enjoyable way to take the touring vacation to appreciate the nice landscapes along the way. The wonderful moments were like unfolding scrolls, the water surface position shows the vibrant vegetation along the bank. And also, travel to China, do not miss the Yangtze River cruises. There still stand a few old structures like resorts, dining places and memorabilia stores. More than 10 of the old connects that used to link the different areas of the small haven are still available. The dam that was used for watering and overflow sluice is maintained as a relic of the early farming society.

The Xixi wetland is a magnificently relaxing non-urban water town, as well as a vacationer fascination loaded with record. It is fresh and breezy, a healthy getting rid of stressful town lifestyle.

Travel Like A Pro By Following This Advice

Traveling can be an exciting time, but getting ready for the big vacation can be stressful. With so many items to remember to pack it’s easy to forget things. The following article will give you some great advice about packing for your trip, and help to make it a more pleasant experience.

Having earplugs handy while traveling will save your sleep and sanity! Be it on the plane or in your hotel room, the use of earplugs will allow you to shut out at least fifty percent of the noises that will give you a headache, keep you from sleeping, or otherwise highlight travel in a negative way. They are also very cheap so bring plenty.

If you will be driving to your destination, fill a family member or friend in on your destination and planned route to get there. If something were to happen to you while driving, this person would be able to alert officials of your intended destination and the roads you would have been traveling on.

When traveling in other countries, be wary of what taxis you get into. Make sure the taxi actually is legitimate before getting in. Any idiots can slap a “Taxi” sign on to their car and you never know who they might be or where they might end up taking you.

If you are traveling to a hot country, remember to pack insect repellent. Insect bites can be not only annoying. They can be also painful, and many countries won’t stock the industrial-strength repellent available back home. While abroad, apply a liberal amount of insect repellent as night approaches to ensure you get an undisturbed sleep.

One way of minimizing ice buildup on your windshield is to park your car with the windshield facing away from the prevailing wind. Another way too few of us think about is to cover our windshields with a throw rug when we park our vehicles. Tuck the edge in under your windshield wipers and your car will be as snug as a bug in a rug.

When choosing an airline, it’s important to take more than just the price of the ticket into consideration. A lot of airlines charge money for checked bags now, and many charge other excessive hidden costs. Before ‘shelling out your hard earned money’ for what seems like a cheap ticket, do some research.

Know the rules for your airline’s baggage check policy. Some airlines will make you go and claim your baggage and recheck it for connecting flights. Be aware of this so you can schedule flights accordingly. You do not want to get caught running across an airport to catch a flight because of baggage!

When going on a road trip, try to avoid rush hour. If you can’t plan your trip where you won’t be driving during rush hour, use that time to stop for a break. It can be a good time to get something to eat or to just let the kids get out and run around for a bit.

Take digital photographs of your travel documents like passports, licenses and tickets prior to beginning your trip. If something happens to these documents, you then have a digital backup from which to look up account numbers and other data. Save these photos in a few locations, including your computer and a backup on the cloud.

Travelers without children should not be too quick to judge or get angry with small children on a public mode of transportation. Traveling with children is quite stressful for the parents as well and they are usually highly embarrassed by their child’s behavior. Try to remember that you were once a child as well and if in a plane, recognize that high altitudes are quite hard on a small child’s inner ears.

Shopping for airline tickets online isn’t always the best deal. In general, you will find the same price by buying online as you will from the airline itself or from agencies. At times you can find great airline deals online but they are limited and contain restrictions. If you don’t mind the limits, buying your tickets online may be for you.

Set up an account on a “cloud” site and upload scans of important documentation that you may need on your trip. Loss and theft occur quite often during travel in-country as well as abroad. By having documentation stored in a “cloud” location you can easily access them from anywhere you have Internet access.

If you use electronics while you travel, carry a power strip. Many hotels have only one available outlet, and if you travel with multiple devices, you are out of luck. Bringing a power strip ensures you are able to charge your laptop, phone, mp3 player or any other device that makes travel more enjoyable.

A great travel tip if you’re traveling abroad is to always take a book of matches with you whenever you leave your hotel. Having this book of matches can be very helpful if you end up getting lost at some point. They can show locals where you’ve just left.

When packing toiletries for your flight, try using small bottles to pack them in. These handy little containers are durable, mostly clear or see-through, sturdy and even include waterproof varieties that makes them easier to pass through airport security. They are also great for packing shampoo and lotions, so that you can avoid needing to carry your big bottles.

Travel is a fantastic and worthwhile activity. Not only are you able to see and experience new sights and cultures, you broaden your viewpoint on the world in general. By applying the tips in this article you will help ensure that you get the best deals for your travel budget and the best experiences at your travel destination.

Bradley International Airport Hotels for Park Sleep and Fly

Article Summary:
Highlighting the exclusive services of Bradley International Airport Hotels, the given article tends to guide you to have a decent and trendy room and right parking area regardless of your arrival or departure time.
Article Description:
Get benefit of valuable services to park sleep and fly at Bradley International airport at highly reasonable rates. Clean and comfortable rooms and great parking options are waiting for you at reliable Bradley International Airport Hotels.
If you are looking for a comfortable place to stay park and fly at the Bradley International Airport, you have reached the right place; no matter you are on a business trip or intended to go out for a family trip travelers tips always help you put choosing the right room to stay and reliable parking area for your car to be parked. Considering this aspect, here is one tip for you to have a well organized and pleasant journey ahead; Bradley International airport is the simplest and trouble free airport to navigate. Plentiful parking choices are one of the motives that flying to or from the Bradley International Airport are a sure bet. You are aware of the fact that staying at nearby airport hotels makes your travel smooth and fine; numerous hotels near the Bradley International Airport have accepted this reality and are serving their precious customers in an effective and efficient manner. These hotels does not only provide amenities for families and business travelers but the leisure visitors who want to have a great time at Six Flags New England or many other nearby interesting points can also make their trip memorable.
Econo Lodge Inn and Suites:
This is one of the best hotels near the Bradley International Airport having 47 rooms and suites; it is only 1.2 miles away from the airport. This hotel offers various amenities including seasonal swimming pool, restaurant, room service, free high speed internet access and free parking facility at highly reasonable rates. Besides all these exclusive services; staying at Eco Lodge In and Suites allows you visiting the nearby tourist attractions such as Six Flags New England, Lincoln Theater, Pay Path College, Comcast Theater, University of Hartford, Saint Joseph College, Connecticut CT Expo Center, XL Center, Rensselaer Hartford, Bushnell Park Pavilion, Trinity College, Basketball Hall of Fame, Paramount Theater, Ski Sundown, Little Theater, Webster Theater, Warner Theater and many more; you can check the other places on Econo Lodge Inn site
Fairfield Inn by Marriott Bradley Airport Windsor Locks:
Located near the Bradley International Airport, Fairfield Inn offers luxurious stay at the affordable rates. Heated indoor swimming pool, elevator, business center, fitness center, refrigerator and microwave in every room, high speed free internet access and free parking facility are some of the guaranteed attributes brought to you by Fairfield Inn Bradley Airport Hotel.
Beverly Hills Suites:
Offering you the Special Park and fly packages, Beverly Hills Suites is always ready to serve you in a convenient manner. This hotel offers 170 rooms all with brand new marble vanities and latest amenities. These rooms come with complimentary breakfast, indoor heated pool, 24 hour fitness center, and remarkable business center and meeting space. Beverly Hill suites is situated at an ideal location near the Bradley International Airport that enables you to make adventure at the nearby interesting points including Windsor Locks Amtrak Station, New England Dodge Music Center, Connecticut Historical Society Museum, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch, Elizabeth Park, Mark Twain House, Bushnell Park, Pope Park, Hartford Children’s Museum and many more.
Clarion Inn East Windsor:
Near to Connecticut Trolley Museum, this airport hotel offers must-try park and fly packages along with the 24/7 free shuttle service to or from the Bradley International Airport, outdoor swimming pool in summer, lounge restaurant for dinner, fitness center, free parking, high speed internet access free of cost and restaurant. Clarion Inn is the place that should not be missed by anyone of you; if you want to have great trip you should explore attractive places near the Clarion Inn East Windsor in no time.

Incredible India – An Emerging Hub of Travel and Tourism

There are millions and millions of travelers around the world who prefer to put through their vacations in India each year. The reasons are innumerable and countless, some may be those in search of spiritual peace and harmony. Travelers around the world take a lot of time to plan for their incredible India Tour or for celebrating holidays in India. Most of the times, an India tour is regarded a long tradition in some families especially in the western countries due to its historical connection. Nevertheless, there are also some families that choose not to take a tour to India. This attitude of the travelers is at peak especially during the time of terror attack. As peace is one of the first conditions to blossom the tour and travel industry. Another reason of apathetic attitude of the travelers is lack of basic infrastructure required for the tourism compared to other developed countries of the world. What is more required is the professional training to the local people as a part of responsible tourism. In spite of all these troubles, millions and millions of travelers are coming each year to this world destination called Incredible India!

On the other hand, India tour operators are required to offer the cheap tour packages to increase the volume of the travelers. While tailoring the family travel packages, India travel agent should keep in mind the budget of the below middle class family as per international norms. If the tour and travel packages will become cheaper, this will also lead to the cultural interaction among the various nations of the world. Travelers will know more and more about the culture, history, geography, customs, traditions, nature’s splendors etc. if all governments of the courtiers come together to make special provision or to assist the private tour operators to provide the cheapest travel packages to create an environment of the positive word tourism.

However, travelers coming to India find the travel packages that suit their budget especially while they are making holidays with their family. There are number of flights coming to India offer cheap air tickets. Even the travel agents in India offer the cheapest air tickets to the travelers via their high-tech travel portal. This may have the positive impact in the business of Indian tourism industry where an effort is being made to include a new class in the lines air travelers. The below middle class segment of the society can afford the rates offered to travel by air in India. So, when looking at the cost of a family tour to India, the travelers will find the numerous tourist destinations in India where they can have vacation with the family and friends or groups.

The same tendency of cheapest rate, travelers can find while searching for hotels in India. There are numerous budget hotels available in all the major tourist destinations of India. Normally three star hotels of India are believed to the budget hotels. In this area also, the Ministry of Tourism, IRCTC, India tour operators besides Corporate in hotel industry come together to provide all possible hospitality to the tourists coming from all parts of the world. For the easiness of the customers, the India travel agents via their travel site incorporate almost all types of hotels into their travel directory to offer the best services at budget rate available at the time of online hotel booking. In India, TravelChaCha has come out as one stop shop for all kinds of travel services.

Swamped into royal grandness and lasting legacy it has more than lots to tender tourists with unbeatable monuments and elegant palaces that grandly stand to recount the saga of bygone era, glorious past, rich cultural heritage, colorful culture & tradition, majestic monuments, wonderful forts, impressive palaces, tremendous temples, historical cities, rustic villages, shimmering sand dunes, exciting desert safaris, camel ride, forest safari, mountains, lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and much more. So, these are emerging positive aspects in the evolutionary process of Incredible India which has to become the hub of travel and tourism in the list of world tourism.

My experience at the Park Suites

My experience at the Park Suites

Last month I had to travel to Mendoza, Argentina. My company is working on some mergers and acquisitions there and my trip there was unavoidable. I had only been to Buenos Aires, and quite honestly, I was unsure what to expect if Mendoza. Furthermore, at this time of the year, I get a little tired, so, I wanted to avoid the trip, but I did not manage to do so.

So, the only request I made to my assistant was to get a good hotel.

Next thing I know, she booked me a room at the Park Suites. I was very concerned, because I had to visit several locations in Mendoza city, so I wanted a place on or near downtown. Let me tell you, the Park Suites is perfectly located.

I was very impressed at the whole experience. First of all, as soon as I got off the plane, the people from the Park Suites was there waiting for me. I had nothing to worry about, but to step in the car and go to the hotel. The check in was super fast. I was grateful, because I had to work on some presentations. When I got to my room, It was awesome. The smallest of the Park Suites is huge, let me tell you. I had a desk to work on, and, oh, I almost forget, the whole place is a hot spot, so I got wifi, everywhere.

I realized I had to print some documents. So I approached the front desk, with the hope they might do me a favor. No, they said, instead they invited me to visit the Business Center. And there was the printer, all for me. Man, I was thankful.

Somewhere during the transfer I had lost my cell phone. It was a prepaid, so no big deal, but the fact was that I was uncommunicated. No worries, the Park Suites staff fetched me one, to use as long as I stayed at the hotel. A 3 G devise, I was thrilled.

My reunions went perfect, and I had a little time to go sightseeing. I loved Mendoza. I felt as if I was in a movie set or something. Some parts of the city seem to take you on a time travel to two centuries ago. And the buildings are magnificent.

As soon as I returned to the Park Suites, I was a little hungry, so I decided to give La Bourgogne a try. I was surprised to find such a level of excellence in a restaurant. It had been a long time since I had last had such a terrific experience dining.

I would like to remark the Park Suites staff. They were terrific, always willing to help, and go that extra mile. So, give the Park Suites a try, I promise you won’t